Wednesday, July 14, 2004

(Hangin' on the Beach)

Today was somewhat relaxing. One of the pursers is leaving this Sunday, so this week she is trying to hang out with the pursers (and all of their different schedules make it hard) as much as possible. Since I am kind of an adopted purser, I tend to get invited to lots of their events. So, several of us were supposed to go to the beach (one that I haven't been to) today. Then I was supposed to come back to the boat while they went to work, and go back out to eat with some others.

It didn't work out QUITE that way, but it wasn't bad. As is usual, everyone was late getting ready, and some of the people coming along had to be at work in a fairly short time. So, we went to the Boatyard instead. It was a perfect day, I just lounged around and swam a bit. We walked both ways, which is good exercise.

Right after I got back and showered I was supposed to go out to eat, but two of the people going had to work later. So, I went ahead and ate and we headed out later. They decided that they wanted to go to the beach to walk at night, but when we got there they decided to go back to the Boatyard and dance instead. I had a drink and people-watched for a while, then we headed back.

After some of the pursers got off, we started to watch a movie (Fight Club) in someone's cabin, but everyone was so tired that half-way through we called it off and went to bed.

No pictures today, mostly just hanging out and relaxing.