Friday, July 23, 2004

(Last Time in Aruba)

Well, this will be a short entry, but the next one is long, never fear. :)

Today I was supposed to go on a jet boat ride with a couple of friends. It is a boat that is really fast, and they drive it like a jet ski. The go fast, close to things, spin a lot, etc. You are strapped in pretty securely. However, as plans go this one went . . . out the window. It turned out that no one had signed up for the early morning ride, so they cancelled it. The late-morning ride was full, and the afternoon one was after they had to go to work.

I just took a bus to the beach, swam a bit, and rented a jet ski for a bit. A nice, relaxing day . . at least until I got back. I found out that I am moving from the Destiny to the Imagination -- on Sunday. I was kind of bummed about this, as I had gotten to know quite a few people here and still had things that I wanted to do in some of the ports. I had planned in a few weeks to rent a Harley to drive around Aruba, and to go tubing in the rapids in Dominica. However, that's how the job goes. More on this in the next entry . . .