This diary is for those who know me. I tend to write like I talk, so it will likely make more sense if you can hear me saying it as you read. It will likely change format a bit as I go.  I interject links to pictures as I go, sometimes too many (sometimes not enough). They will be somewhat low-quality for those on dial-up. I originally had sections of large pictures and movies also, but in the interest of not paying more for space I have taken them out. To anyone who really wants a specific picture in its full quality, let me know and I will put it in an area to download.

In theory I should be writing almost every day, but I am a bit lazy. Unfortunately when dry dock hit, everything went crazy and I haven't added to this since then. I am about to have some spare time on my hands, so look for a bunch of updates soon. I am not with Carnival anymore, but my life has still been pretty hectic and adventure-filled.

If anyone sees any mistakes or broken hyperlinks, PLEASE e-mail me and I will fix it. I can't guarantee that I will use them, but all suggestions are appreciated. For all of those who have requested pictures of me in uniform, I have finally had some taken in my whites.

Since people are passing my page to people who don't know me, I have made a contact page.