Scott Lucas

1620 Moravia Avenue

Holly Hill, FL  32117




CAREER OBJECTIVE________________________________________________________

   To obtain an IS/management position that will utilize my skills and education and allow me to move forward in the industry.


WORK EXPERIENCE_________________________________________________________

Carnival Corporation Global Infrastructure Group (mainly focusing on Holland America and Seabourn lines)

     Enterprise Systems Engineer - 4/12 to present

         *Senior Systems Administrator

Responsible for entire IT infrastructure for two worldwide cruise lines and solely in charge of IT infrastructure for 21 ships, help out with 7 other cruise lines. Deal with all emergencies, outages, upgrades, and maintenance. Primary systems responsible for: Virtual (ESX) environment, all server/SAN/NAS/Backup hardware and software, backups (Veeam and Backup Exec), Windows servers (2003, 2008, and 2012), Exchange server, Fidelio, proprietary cruise ship systems, MICROS POS system. Mixture of hardware and virtual servers, routers. Troubleshooting WAN (over satellite), wireless, VOIP (over Satellite), and network. In charge of all end-of-life and new hardware purchasing for all ships (and work with a team for servers/storage in main office). Went to each ship to completely tear out and rebuild/rewire each and every data center. Main point for team creating DR site in Miami (main site in Seattle), worked with team to move main datacenter from Seattle to California.


Holland America Cruise Line

     IT Officer - 7/09 to 4/12

         *Contract job – IT Officer/Manager, hotel department

Responsilble for entire network/IT infrastructure aboard a cruise ship. Deal with all emergencies, outages, upgrades, and maintenance. Contract jobs, different ships every couple of months. Primary systems responsible for: Windows servers (2003 and 2008), Exchange server, Fidelio, proprietary cruise ship systems, satellite, network, POS system. Mixture of hardware and virtual servers, routers, managed Cisco switches, WAN (over satellite), wireless, VOIP (over Satellite), SAN, ESX.


Florida Health Care Plans, Holly Hill, FL

     Enterprise Systems Manager - 4/05 7/09

         *Contract job (turned permanent) – Systems administrator

Oversee enterprise network with 950 computers spanning 11 cities and over 110 servers. Migrated entire system to Active Directory, removed WINS, restructured (non-working) DNS, migrated from SMTP mail on an AS400 to Exchange 2003. Provide support to helpdesk and to the programming team. Maintain servers with Windows 2003 and connections to AS400. Rebuilt POS server/back office system for 7 pharmacies. Took the whole system from 18 non-redundant servers to over 110 servers with multiple SAN’s, fully geographically-clustered primary servers, and an enterprise backup system. Worked with disaster recovery team and developed long-term DR plan. Implemented a Lawson financial system for general ledger and AP (formerly there was no system for either in place). Implemented ESX high-availability virtual servers, removed more than 45 physical servers.


Carnival Cruise Lines, Miami, FL

     IS Manager - 4/04 to 1/05

         *Contract job - I/S manager of the hotel department of a cruise ship.

In charge of all computer systems, servers, point of sale, and satellite communications with shore and other ships. Brought aboard to retrofit two ships, one during dry dock. Replaced all servers, upgrading from Windows 2000 and NT4 servers/workstations  to Server 2003 and XP on one ship, and from NT4 and Windows 95 to XP and Windows 2003 server on another. Upgraded Exchange server from Exchange 5.5 on both ships. Replaced all switches and oversaw installation of new wiring. E-mail and phone support for other ships with computer problems. Each ship had between 800 – 1,300 users and supported 3,300 guests.



Globe Wireless, Palm Bay, FL

      Systems Engineer - 11/02 to 4/04

         *Contract Job - Enterprise network administration and implementation:

In charge of enterprise network for a company with 7 locations worldwide that sets up e-mail and communication computers aboard commercial shipping vessels. Managing 50 servers and 200 computers that supported a ship network of over 2000 computers. In charge of Exchange Server, Active Directory system, and DNS for entire company. Implemented upgrade from NT4 to Windows 2000 and Active Directory. Completely restructured DNS and IP scheme for entire company. Implemented Remote Install for install of hundreds of computers that are put aboard commercial shipping vessels. Dramatically increased stability of Exchange and DNS systems. Worked extensively with VOIP and VPN systems. Troubleshooting computer problems with ship captains when beyond the scope of customer support. Testing and creation of computer images to be installed on outgoing ship computers.


Alpha Network Solutions, Melbourne, FL

      Consultant/Enterprise Systems/Network Engineer - 5/00 to 11/02

         *Design, implement, and troubleshoot enterprise networks on a consulting basis:

Web design, Macintosh/PC integration, server setup and install, on-site and classroom training, phone support, online support, network integrity design, backup system design. Windows 2000 install and support. Seamless implementation of a Windows NT to Windows 2000 and Active Directory upgrade with new DNS structure for a company with 7 locations worldwide.


   Universal Systems House, Springfield, MO

      Enterprise Network Consultant/Instructor - 10/98 to 5/00

         *Design, implement, and troubleshoot enterprise networks:

Network wiring design, OS and domain/security setup, integration of current systems/domain models into new systems. Macintosh support, backup, and integration into PC networks and domains. Training and support, Y2K testing and planning, and wide-area network planning and setup. PC and Macintosh troubleshooting and support. Provided regular support to a clientele of approximately 20-30 companies, ranging from sites in a single-domain LAN with 50 users to companies with a multi-domain/multi-OS WAN and 1,000’s of users – my last Exchange implementation converted the existing Lotus Notes system and had just over 80,000 users. I implemented a new WAN for a company which was acquired by a much larger corporation. Set up the WAN, IP scheme, domain model and migration to Exchange server for 6 sites spanning 3 countries. The majority of troubleshooting/design work was with Windows NT server or mixed NT/Novell/Unix environments. Responsible for the implementation of many companies’ large-scale implementations of network upgrades, software upgrades, and new software solutions.


        *Teach Microsoft Certification classes:

Microsoft Exchange server 5.5, TCP/IP, networking essentials, NT Core Technologies


   Evangel University, Springfield, MO

      IT Director - 5/97 to 10/98

        *Enterprise network administration and implementation:

In charge of a multi-domain, cross-platform network with Novell and NT, and approximately 1600 users. Between start and finish instituted a rewiring project, and improved the outage rate of Exchange server from one outage per month to over one year with no downtime. Implemented a complete changeover from a Vax/VMS custom-program based database to CAMS, a university-wide solution integrating all services and databases for campus. Involvement included testing, network upgrades, communication between staff/management and the software company for custom modules, working with programmers to merge data, backups/redundancy, and overall timing and communication.


Responsible for buying of all computer equipment, including all PC’s, Macintosh’s, servers, and software. I researched, budgeted and purchased approximately $250,000 of hardware per year. I coordinated 5 IS employees and participated in weekly meetings. Taught MIS classes.


Received bids, created proposals, and oversaw implementation of new branches of networks on campus. I installed computer labs and lab security systems in each of the 6 dorms. Took bids and oversaw installation of fiber-optic network spanning the 6 dorm buildings, 2 classroom buildings and the IS office. Oversaw installation and setup of 4 PC computer labs and two Macintosh computer labs, and instituted plans for student logons and server storage. Installed and configured a new domain (as well as changing the original one during a college name change), 4 new servers, and a new IP scheme and backup strategy. Planned for and carried out bringing in Macintosh computers to faculty and labs and integrating into LAN and Microsoft domain with backups. Tested and implemented the network side (network speed increases, hardware and software installation, and tuning) of a campus-wide migration from a VAX/VMS system to a distributed-PC data integration package. This included over 6 months of testing, tuning, and network upgrades, and collaboration with the VAX programmer and the software company (CAMS).


   Self-employed, college jobs, consulting, Chattanooga, TN, Rolla, MO, Springfield, MO

      Free-Lance & Odd Jobs – 5/88 to 5/97

        *Builder, computer technician, consultant

4 years working as a freelance graphic design artist and printer, including 2 years owning a print shop and brokering printing while in college.

2 years as head of a building crew for a Whispering Pines Log Homes.

2 years driving a fire truck.

Hired for an 8-month period to implement a Macintosh LAN, purchase all computer hardware and software, and all training on both for a print shop who was converting to digital design and printing with Macintosh.

Side jobs for 2 computer stores, setup and troubleshooting of PC’s.



*Rhea County High School, Evensville, TN. Graduated 5/90

*Covenant College, 2 years as pre-engineering major

*Systems certification classes while at various other jobs



*SCUBA, skydiving, spelunking, rappelling, biking, sailing, and motorcycles. I like to fly, and have built my own plane from blueprints.




·         Intel-based servers, SCSI, RAID, all internal hardware and drivers. Level 10 experience – Largely Dell, HP, Compaq and IBM servers

·         Installed and set up IBM, HP, Dell, Gateway, and many clone servers. Level 10 experience

·         Installation, setup, testing, and network integration of many levels and types of both Macintosh and PC hardware.

·         Extensive experience with wiring (CAT5 and Fiber), racks (and rack-mountable servers and equipment), cable management, and all phases of design, set up, and troubleshooting. Level 10 experience

·         Proficient at Cisco, IBM, and HP switches and hubs. Level 5 experience

·         Familiar with (to the extent of installing and changing the configuration of) Cisco, IBM and Netgear routers. Level 3 experience.



Operating Systems:

·         Windows Server 2003, Exchange Server 2003. Level 10 Experience.

·         Windows Server 2008. Level 10 Experience

·         Windows Server 2012. Level 7 Experience

·         Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Active Directory. Level 10 experience.

·         Design and set up of multi-domain and multi-segment enterprise networks with 2003/2008/2012/XP/Win7, some with as many as 1,800 users. Level 10 experience.

·         Macintosh operating systems Level 7 experience.

·         Cross-platform enterprise networks. Level 8 experience.

·         Extremely knowledgeable about TCP/IP, DHCP, WINS, RAS. Level 10 experience

·         2003/2008/Win7/XP blue screens and troubleshooting using both regedit and event logs. Level 10 experience.






·         Microsoft Exchange 4x – 2012. Experience ranging from designing and implementing single-server single-site installations to designing multi-server, multi-site, clustered and multi-domain installations. Level 10 experience

·         Familiar with Microsoft Proxy server and Internet Information Server. Level 7 experience

·         Veritas Backup Exec, Arcserve, Veeam, level 9 experience

·         Proficient with the majority of the Microsoft Office products, as well as the majority of commonly used end-user products. Level 8 experience

·         Proficient with Lawson, level 6 experience

·         Proficient with ESX/VMWare, level 9 experience

·         Fidelio. Level 8 experience

·         Micros. Level 8 experience

·         Very proficient with literally hundreds of software products both Macintosh and PC, too many to list. Level 10 experience


*Certifications and general experience:

Currently an MCSE, MCT, MCP, and CompTia Network+. Certified by Microsoft and have taught most of the following CTEC classes: Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5, Core Technologies, Enterprise Networking Essentials, and am certified to teach several others.